Frequently Asked Questions

What about unsolicited offers I receive in the mail?

PCWA is not affiliated with, nor do we support or endorse, any direct mail campaign or offers attempting to sell you goods or services.

How and where can I pay my bill?
PCWA bills may b e paid in the following ways: By providing cash, check, money order, credit or debit card in our offices at the customer service desk (during regular business hours); by check or money order through the mail; by using our overnight drop box located at the front of the PCWA office building (check or money order only); by cash, check, or money order at the SouthCrest Bank office drive-thru in Rockmart, Georgia (during their regular business hours- past due payments are NOT accepted at this location); by automatic debit arrangements through your local bank; by using the PCWA website on-line payment (see ); and by telephone using your current credit or debit card.


What about credit or debit card payments made to PCWA over the telephone?

For your convenience, PCWA accepts payments over the telephone using your credit or debit card. You may call 770-748-6001 during normal business hours to use the services. Once the transaction is complete, the card data is not retained within our system.


Experiencing a Water Outage or Leak?


If you have an emergency situation with your water, please call 770-748-6001 to report your problem immediately. Have non-emergency questions or concerns?  Click Here to send us an email.